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Thread: Homebrew for gamecube

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    Homebrew for gamecube

    First let me apologise if this is in the wrong section. I did see the gamecubes post but when I click on it, It was all about getting gamecube on the wii...

    Ok I have been looking at getting a gamecube off Ebay as I have noticed the price of these are really cheap..

    What I want to know is can you put Homebrew on the gamecube... I have done a little research and it was possible but it was saying that a need a special card that can accept SD cards and a game with internet connection.

    but those posts were some time ago

    can I use my wii to transfer a hack file to the gamecube card and put homebrew on it..

    I have noticed that Twilight princess came out for GC

    It not then some one put me out of my misery

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    get an action replay i think that can do it :)

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    OK will look in to it

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    There isn't much GC homebrew to start with and it can all be ran on your Wii so it's kind of a waste of time, money, and effort if you already own a Wii. Not trying to discourage you but since the Wii came out the GC is mad obsolete.
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