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Thread: First but not last donation...

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    Thumbs up First but not last donation...

    I have made the first of what will be most likely many donations to the site...It was only 5 bucks this time as I recently donated 25 to mc chris and his Adult Swim cartoon so I am a little cash strapped but I hope the 5 dollars is sufficient enough for now.

    The reason I am donating is not for a banner or stars its simply for the fact that this is one of the best and well put together mod forum sites I have ever seen...Blowing out the xbox forums I used to frequent, From reading peoples posts and random informational threads the people here seem to be very helpful and there are so many tutorials and guides to follow, everything is well sorted and clean...and the mods seem to be extremely committed to the forums and that makes things alot easier when you dont have to wait days to get an answer to a question you could really use being answered right away.

    So Thanks to everyone who has made this site what it is and as great as it is!


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    Thank you for the donation! This site is funded by the users and we appreciate all of the donors. You will be entered into the drawing next month too, good luck and thank you again.

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    Just glad to help In my review for the app on the android market I linked to the donation tab for those who were unaware or only use the app.

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    Thanks for the donation det1726, and good luck in the prize draw!


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