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Thread: Ran out of Hard Drive Space for games....Best Fix?

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    Ran out of Hard Drive Space for games....Best Fix?

    I have an external Seagate drive, split into 2 partitions: 1/2 WBFS with my games (CFG Loader) and 1/2 FAT32 for movies, music, etc...
    My problem is that I ran out of room on the game side, still have about 200GB on the FAT32 side.
    What is my best solution to get more room for games (no I do not download them for the record, I buy them and rip them) ? Do I have to totally repartition my drive to give the WBFS side more space( meaning I have to backup all my data then reload it all to the drive when complete...this will be a headache)?? Or can I split the nearly emptyFAT32 into 2 partitions, creating a 2nd WBFS partition? If that is an option, will CFG load the games from both partitions at the same time?
    Or is there another way to do this?
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    I suggest you backup all your games to an external source and then follow this guide to setup your drive to play games from a fat32 partition. A fat32 drive is much easier to maintain.

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    I would have to convert them all to ISO's then if I go to FAT32 right?
    Currently they are all WBFS, and they takes up less room than ISO's. I would have to convert all the games one by one, or re-rip the games to extract the ISO's right? I am not looking forward to that, as it has taken me so much time to rip the games in the first place.
    Is creating a 2nd WBFS partition on the drive still out of the question?
    And when you say FAT32 is easier to maintain, can you give me some examples (i've heard /read good arguments for both ways)? I'm all for having the best, most usable format for my games but I started out WBFS and switching now is going to be a PITA. I am up for it if that is the only way though.

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    I use WiiBackupManager to transfer my games. You backup all of your games at once. It will take some time but it is easy as pie. I don't think you will have any luck with two WBFS partitions. You could probably pull it off but you would have to change the loader settings to point at one partition at a time. I don't think any of loader will look at more than one partition at a time.

    I like fat32 just because once the games are on there you don't have to use a manager of sorts to transfer games. Just copy, cut or delete at will. You can also browse the games using windows explorer. The choice is yours but I do believe that your best option is to repartition the drive which cant be done without destroying the data that is on there now.

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    I had to do this myself the other week ,my father got a 2TB screenplay and I told him I would put films on it ,and I use that to transfer all my games WBFS,Movies FAT32 and another NTFS partition onto the screenplay then Format,partition and transfer everthing back onto my HDD ,it took about 20 hours altogether then I realized I wipe everything off my fathers screenplay and it wouldn't play movies anymore but I sorted that quick enough

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    I have done all configurations and for some reason still prefer WBFS. Using WBFS Manager makes it very simple cloning or for drive to drive transfers, but does take quite a bit of time. Also has a decent UI for viewing your library, deleting games, and extracting the ISO's.

    I did a little test when I had one of my drives formatted to FAT32 (for the day), and it seemed Wii Back Up Manager was faster at ripping the titles to the HDD. But didn't do a full transfer so, I couldn't compare the total time. Took me 14-16 hours for mine before. Just set it and forget it for the night....and part of the day. LOL.

    Also don't mind using my SD (currently 8GB) for apps and homebrew. Think I might use one of my extra 500GB Passports (or my Seagate FreeAgent Go) FAT32 and do some performance testing.....humm....


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