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Thread: !Selling softmodded wii, great deal!

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    Thumbs up !Selling softmodded wii, great deal!

    Im going to sell my modded wii just wanted to knw how much in pounds i could sell it for.Everything that is included is listed below.
    If you have any idea pls post below

    -modded wii: bootmii installed as boot2(comes with original nand and wiis keys on a disc, so you can copy it straight to the computer.DO NOT TRY TO LOAD THE DISC ON THE WII!)(Having bootmii as boot2 and the original nand and keys kept seperate means it will be near enough impossible to brick this wii)
    : FW 4.1
    : homebrew channel installed
    : ios 249 rev 14 installed
    : neogamma v6 channel installed to wii menu
    : comes with a some games- super mario galaxy 1
    - super smash bros brawl
    - paper mario
    - wii music
    - wii sports

    All games come with original packiging

    Also included is:
    - 1 motion plus
    - 1 controller
    - power supply
    - standard video lead
    - a wireless(batterys required) sensor(automatically syncs with wii)
    - wii silver stand
    - docking station for battery packs(2 slots)(sorry battery packs not included, as they broke)
    - 1 nunchunk

    Everything comes in original packiging apart from the wireless sensor which is with the wii in its box.
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    sorry, didn't mean to make it so big. Is that any better?

    sorry, removed that one game. The rest are real copies in original packiging.
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    carry on


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