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Thread: USB Loader working fine, but now wont install discs - video included.

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    Unhappy USB Loader working fine, but now wont install discs - video included.

    My GX usb loader was working fine, I could copy my games on to the hard drive and I can play them with no problem. I installed around 30 games with no problem but I still had another 20 to go.

    Its been about a week since I copied the last ones, and when installing the last game the download speed was 'jittering' and took forever, it wasn't smooth at all.

    Originally I thought it was the discs being dirty but they are fine. Now the loader just jitters then just stops downloading any futher, however the wii doesnt freeze it's like it doesnt read the disc. However when I try the game normally it works with no problem loading. This also happens on the rest of the games.

    Whats happened? I included a video of it as it is hard to explain. Sorry for the poor quality, my camera was dead so had to use my phone.

    YouTube - GX USB Loader - Won't install discs.

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    Do you have the latest version of GX? If not follow the guide below...

    Also, did you do anything to your Wii between when it worked and now?

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    Yes I got the latest so called 'Stable' Release and I haven't litterly touched anything else on the wii.I have only been playing the games off the hard drive on and off over the last couple of weeks. And just to add I managed to copy two games whilst it was 'jittering' each time it was getting worse to the point where I am at now.

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    What version exactly do you have? Go into the settings and go to credits. What # does it say in the top right corner?

    What cIOS is it running on?

    Post a syscheck of your ioses.


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