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Thread: Safe to delete "/shared2/wc24" and "/shared2/wc24/mbox" files??? (In over my head!)

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    Safe to delete "/shared2/wc24" and "/shared2/wc24/mbox" files??? (In over my head!)

    I'm wondering if it's possible/safe to delete these directories (and/or specific files within them, perhaps leaving others) using FS Toolbox, as it's my understanding that's where the message board information is stored. Maybe specifically the "mbox" one is where messages themselves are stored, and thus would be safe to delete that?

    I'm a noob to all of this, but I've been doing a lot of reading and I do know there's really no normal reason to do this, because of the risk, but here's my situation:

    I'm fairly certain I'm mail bricked, but can't format from wii settings, can't format with nand formatter from bootmii (hangs), mailbox brick fix doesn't work, and obviously can't get into message board to delete the potentially corrupt message.

    The det1re fix via FS Toolbox seems like it replaces the files to try to get the wii to essentially "notice" there's a problem and reset the message board. But is it theoretically possible to delete the files entirely? And perhaps even if this bricked me further, I could still run the nand formatter successfully at least from bootmii? (I'm really thinking I just need to get that corrupt message off the wii!) Anyone know if these files are like plist files, in that they will be re-created automatically as soon as I do something in/with the message board?

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    use giantpune's nand.bin formater found on gbatemp. It should fix your issue.
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    Thanks mauifrog. Yeah Bad_Ad84 suggested the same thing, and even graciously offered to compile a new nand for me since I'm on a mac. Seems like this is the way to go to fix my issue, so I'm hopeful it will work!

    By the way, you have some great and easy-to-follow tutorials on here, so thank you thank you thank you! Your time and effort is much appreciated.

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