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Thread: Exception (DSI) occured!

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    Exception (DSI) occured!

    I literally haven't used my Wii in months, went to play tonight and I started getting this error. At first I got the home screen and successfully loaded USB Loader GX but it only displayed my games for maybe 10s then it went to the error. After restarting it goes to the error as soon as I choose the USB Loader...any ideas? I haven't changed ANYTHING and it worked flawlessly for months before this. Sorry I don't remember what versions are installed, it's been forever since I did all that...

    Also when I get the error it just hangs there until I hold the power button on the Wii.

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    GX maybe trying to initiate wifi make sure you have it setup for it correctly. could just be a general problem with the channel try re installing the channel or forwarder if that is what you use.

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    Ok it's not just the USB loader, I went into the homebrew channel, selected the wad manager and was greeted with this:

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    What Firware is installed on your wii

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    Well I at least got the wadmanager to reinstall the USB loader but now when I select the loader it just brings me back to the wii home screen...

    Quote Originally Posted by JPfizzy View Post
    What Firware is installed on your wii
    I don't know...when I'm in the system settings it says "Ver. 4.2U" is that it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPfizzy View Post
    Yes sir It seems you should Update to 4.3 then follow Mauifrog's softmod guide which will provide you with full up to date hacks here is a link to maufrog's guide
    Is there an easier way to update? That guide goes through everything (NAND Backup, Homebrew channel installation, etc) and I've done all that already...there isn't an easy way to just update the stuff? The Homebrew channel just asked me if I wanted to update (on the Wii) and it updated itself.

    EDIT: Nevermind I think I found it

    Well it says you can't use SDHC cards to update (only SD) so I'm kind of boned here since I don't own any standard SD cards...
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    Quote Originally Posted by JPfizzy View Post
    No I meant Update through Nintendo
    Ok, well to use his guide, I need a regular SD card so at that point I will be super boned because I'll have official firmware...

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    Just found a regular SD card but it's only 256mb, guide says 1-2gb, I'll have to see how big the files are and if I can install them in batches

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    Disregard all previous advice!!!!! NEVER UPDATE THROUGH NINTENDO!!!!!! Especially to 4.3!!!!!! Following Maui's guide is okay but definitely do not update to 4.3 first! You'll only make your job harder. Stay at 4.2 and follow it. The SD you found is way too small. Don't even attempt with that. Seeing as how you are on 4.2 you should be able to use a SDHC unless it's incompatible.
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    It seems to have gone fine. The files were only like 150mb so my SD card worked fine. Got the Wii updated, then I reinstalled USB Loader GX and it seems to be working fine. I was messing around with it for awhile and it hasn't given me that error, so I guess problem solved? Thanks man

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