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Thread: Just want to play REAL GameCube Disks on a Soft Modded Wii

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    Just want to play REAL GameCube Disks on a Soft Modded Wii

    Soft Modded our Wii many months ago (Thank you Mauifrog!!!) and use USB Loader GX for all our Wii Games. Works great. Kids went to play an actual old GameCube Disk and when you start it, the Wii Gator Backup Launcher starts and gives a DVD Error.

    Do I really need to soft mod the wii now to just play our GameCube DVD Games?

    Saw this Guide - but really do NOT need to play back ups of Game Cube games.

    Just want to play the few Game Cube Disks we have.


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    You can play original GC discs through the disc channel.
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    Is that a WAD? Or do you mean the normal Wii upper left Channel? Beacuse if you mean that, no, it will NOT play. Real Game Cube games are not playing. They automatically launch the Wii Gator Backup Launcher.

    HOWEVER - I finally found a thread by STOMP_442..... THANK YOU!!!


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