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Thread: to update or not to update

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    to update or not to update

    sup geese,
    hey i recently got Conduit 2 onto my WBFS and it works perfectly with the USB loader.
    I wanted to play it online but it informed that I had to update in order to play online. I am pretty scared about updating anything on my wii because I heard it could eff up the whole mod thing.
    i was just wondering is it safe to update this game in order to play online.
    thanks in advance

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    I think the online update for the game is safe but I would just wait for confirmation as I'm not 100%

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    Thanks man. Good thing I asked.
    Anyone 100% sure that this update is safe??

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    Do you have Priiloader installed and is it blocking online and disc updates? If so, I believe it would be fine to update, as it would just give error I think. Black Ops had a similar update, and I did it with no issues. Also think this is similar, its not an official Nintendo update, but rather an update for the game to play online. But don't quote me on this, just thinking out loud here. Don't want to be the guy that told you to do it, and then your softmod is gone.

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    I can confirm it is safe for you to update since it only makes a save file to pay & play like black ops. Updating wont affect your softmod.


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