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Thread: D2CKey USA update to 3.3U

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    Exclamation D2CKey USA update to 3.3U

    So I put wiimusic in my Wii and it gave me the thing about the update and if I have mods in my console it could brick it. I am assuming Wii Music has 3.3 Update the disc. I did some research and had conflicting reports about the update for the d2ckey. Some said it worked fine after the updates, some people lost the ability to play their backups.

    Currently I have 3.1 on there and mostly everything works. My family wanted to try out Wii Music NTSC version, not sure if i should do the update or not and risk screwing up the wii.

    I know the latest update is 3.4U for the dashboard. I do not have HBC loaded either.

    Anyone running 3.3 or 3.4 on a NTSC Wii with the D2CKey?



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    they dont disable any modchip

    it blocks fake signed games =P, meaning if its scrubbed, brick blocked, or edited in any way it wont work

    i would update, unless you want some of the homebrew stuff *then its just a bit more effort to get =P*

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    Don't worry, I updated mine 3.3Uv1 + D2Ckey, it only blocks trucha signed, but don't update to 3.3v2, it block wad installs

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    Thanks for the info. I will give it a go.


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