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Thread: Urgent help on cleaned out SD card of hacked Wii

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    Urgent help on cleaned out SD card of hacked Wii

    Hi..I had hacked 4.1E version Wii couple of years back. However that SD card was used in a camera and it reformatted it.

    Can I redo all the steps in the below link to an already soft modded Wi so that I have Wad manager and all the other IOS and other files that I used to have earlieri? Will it not cause it to brick?

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    You could follow that guide to possibly update but that has nothing to do with WAD manager and what apps you were using and lost. There is no reason to have IOS and stuff on the card anyways. Why not just re-download the apps you were using or follow Mauifrog's softmod any Wii guide if you want to update?
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