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Thread: Just Got A Softmodded Wii...I have a few questions

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    Just Got A Softmodded Wii...I have a few questions

    It has the Softchip channel that I use to boot my back ups. Its also 4.0U whatever that is. I was just wondering,what can I do to update to the newest softmod that allows me to play all back ups,new and old? I do have black ops, but it hangs at the loading screen and never boots. Any help or links would be appreciated. I also read something about a NAND backup, now is it possible for me to do that even tho this system has already been softmodded incase I brick it and need to unbrick it?

    I dont know much about Wii,this is my first one as I came from ps3 and 360.

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    just follow the softmod any wii guide (link in my sig) that will get you upto date if you have hbc allready installed follow the bit were it tells you were it says hbc allread installed
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    Thanks bro. Now all the fun reading begins.

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    Cant Load Apps

    I came across a new problem. Ok, I follow all directions in putting apps on sd card and going to the HBC to load them, however everytime I do that nothing shows up in HBC. I checked to make sure they are either .boot .dol or .elf and they all are correct, yet they still wont show in HBC.

    I format the sd card each time before putting apps in the app folder, still i get the same problem. Im really just trying to bet Black Ops to work because all my other back ups work with no problem. I understand I need the Uloader to play black ops, but I cant load any apps due to the above problem. Please help.

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    Say what? You don't need uLoader to play CoD:BO? It's tied to your cIOS not your loader. Nothing should be .boot. It's either boot.dol or boot.elf and that should be in a folder for the app with usually at least icon.png and meta.xml. That folder should be in your apps folder.
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    Nevermind,figured it out. Seems all I had to do was enable and disable a few options on my loader.

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    problem solved, thread closed


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