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Thread: I need help! Can't play games off of USB!

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    I need help! Can't play games off of USB!

    Hey, I am having trouble playing games on my USB Flashdrive (8GB). I am trying to play Call Of Duty Black Ops and I don't know what to do from the part where you transfer the game to your flashdrive (WBFS Manager). If someone could please tell/help me on what to do next it would be amazing!

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    Have a look at this jaredz10, Iv'e not had much joy with flash drives But you can buy a 120 gb HDD from internet for 30 quid uk you can get approx 50 games on them,


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    I have used flash drives before with no probs, although you would be better off buying an external drive, they are cheap as chips these days.
    To get it working is simple,
    1. Download and install WBFS Manager
    2. Insert Flash drive into PC and format to FAT
    3. Open WBFS Manager, select the flash drive letter in the top left corner (d:, g: or whatever letter your flash drive shows up as).
    4. Press the load button and it will show a message saying that you need to format to WBFS, select yes.
    5. In the right hand window select browse, find your game ISO and open
    6. Press the button that says add to drive, done.

    If you use CFG USB loader you should not have many probs at all, it is the best loader IMO.
    Need more help, use my links in signature or PM me, will be happy to help.


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