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Thread: Possible Conduit 2 Headbanger fix???

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    Possible Conduit 2 Headbanger fix???

    ok, first off let me tell you i am a noob. Did a lot of searching to find a solution to the headbanger not working on backed up version of conduit 2. Yes i did buy the game but i make back ups of every game i leagally purchase. I have Children who like to destroy games and movies...... here are some of the things i tried to fix the issue.

    Tried this:install cios 37 into cios 249 and now itll let me use my headset in the 2nd usb.
    (Fix for headbanger problem on Black Ops) didn't work.

    Also tried this: Use Neogamma R8

    Download this :cIOSX rev20

    run your disc and have fun. I back up all my favorite games. I hate it when i originals get messed up because of my kids LOL.
    (The Headbanger options were active but the headset never worked in game play)

    Just out of curiosity i tried DOP-MOD, IOS 249 Rev 20 with a 80 base (I think it was 80 the description said "Only used for WII Speak" This works. However it is hit and miss in online game play. Sometime the headset works and some times it doesn't.

    Hope i didn't get out of Forum rules here but as i said. Newbie... feel free to tell me how i did LOL

    Edit -
    well im stuck. Only IOS that makes the headset function is IOS 249{57} installed in either 249 or 250 slot. But online the headset just show to be muted and does not work. Hope one of you can figure it out.
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    did you get it fixed


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