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Thread: How to use a 500G USB external hard drive with the Wii?

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    How to use a 500G USB external hard drive with the Wii?

    Hello everyone. The website is great! I have a quick question. I have a 500G external hard drive that i use for saved data, programs, pics, videos and etc.. I would like to to use it with my nintendo wii so that instead of backing up a game to a burned dvd, i can put it on the usb external drive and load it from there. I have read some about this and i also would like to know if is is possible to play backups from the usb 500g drive WITHOUT formatting to FAT cause as i understand, FAT only allows you to save files no bigger than 4g. So what about games and files bigger that 4g? Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

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    You can use NTFS for loading. Follow this guide:

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