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Thread: Animal crossing help

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    Post Animal crossing help

    Went out and burnt animal crossing and then when I go to play the game says wants game update or something what should I do, I'm currently on wii version 3.3E.

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    if its in the same region, i would just update, its 100% needed =P

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    Yes the game from same region is the update wii update or something for that game?

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    both =P...........

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    Will the update take me to 3.4 for wii?

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    yes, you can avoid it by installing a wad, but you got to see if u can install them, then remove or downgrade, blah blah blah, you got to decide what you think is worthwhile i assumed u would just do the easy simple thing

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    Had the same problem. Updated the wii then started the game. The game disk showed up in the menu. Clicked on this then the game started. The once the game window appeared got a warnign that disk could not be read


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