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Thread: Bricked Wii: help!

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    Bricked Wii: help!

    My Wii is bricked. I played around with some ios, and as a result, every start-up gives me the same message, "the system files are corrupted."

    I have a bootmii back-up. Problem is, it won't load. These are files on my sd card.

    BootMii folder (armboot, bootmii, ppcboot)

    I'm not sure if my bootmii is installed as boot2 or as boot mii ios, but any help on how to launch bootmii on either?

    Thanks! All help is greatly appreciated.

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    You can't do it if it's IOS! Sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin M.F. Perkins View Post
    You can't do it if it's IOS! Sorry.
    I can't access the homebrew channel in any way? ._.

    Are the files in my sd card correct? (in case bootmii is installed as boot2)

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    Could a member of staff move this thread to the Bricked Wii Section for the OP.

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    Have you got priiloader installed?

    If bootmii is installed as boot2 the wii drive will flash twice on power up..


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