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Thread: All gamea work except Mario Kart.

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    All gamea work except Mario Kart.

    I have sucessfully softmodded with Indiana Pwns and am able to play 6 backups. When I attempt Mario Kart I get "game disc cannot be read". After 3 burns (2 NTSC and 1 PAL) no difference. 1 time I used Wii backup loader and forced NTSC and got.the game to load but got same message after first race. Now I cannot get back im again, only game disc cannot be read. Please help.

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    Yes the original works fine. I have played now 8 other back ups with no issue. I don't have an external hard drive to use usb loader, have to burn discs for now until I can afford one.

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    i can also play the original of super smash bros, if you're thinking dirty lense or issue with dual layer discs, doesn't seem to be the issue.

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    How are you burning the game? How did you dump the game to burn?


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