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Thread: Hdd not reading

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    Hdd not reading

    Ok so I just formatted a partition of my hdd to WBFS, and using the WBFS manager, put a few games on it. The problem is though, when I plug it in the wii, and try to load it through USB loader GX and Configurable USB loader, it doesnt load. For GX, a message along the lines of "waking up sleeping USB" comes up and just stays there. For Configurable USB loader, a message saying that "the files couldn't be found" pops up, and tells me to reboot my wii.

    I'm using a 160 WD hdd, with around 50 GB partitiioned for wii games. It is included in the list at USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp, so I know its not a compatibility issue. Any ideas?

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    Your WBFS partition needs to be set to "primary" and "active".


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