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Thread: Flashcart suggestions

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    Flashcart suggestions

    Any suggestions for good flashcart for Nintendo DSi with firmware 1.4.1 ?

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    Acekard2i, Supercard DSTWO, cyclods iEVO, and m3i zero they're all great flashcards and work with every DS/DSL/DSi/XL/3DS

    The DSTWO and the iEVO both have more features than the acekard and m3 but both cost more.

    The ackeard2i is the cheapest but has great game compatibility

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    DSTWO (i have 1 of them)
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    Quote Originally Posted by peire View Post
    DSTWO (i have 1 of them)
    I love that card. Kid watches movies and reads books on his ds, along with all of the games.

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    Same for me DSTWO - best card on the market - costs a bit more but lays everything.

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    Someone said that the dstwo is a little slow, i use acekard 2i for a long time now, it is really great.
    But now, the fake acekard 2i come out, if you buy online, you'd better choose a professional reseller, such as modchip depot or one of the other recommended wiihacks retailers they are an Acekard distributor..
    M3i zero is very great too, it is your second choice.
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    I am about to purchase a DS Lite for my kiddo and of course want to be able to mod it. Similar to what skellinator kiddo uses it for it what I am planning on this unit for my kid. (watch movies, read books and play games.) It appears that the DSTWO card has all this ability natively. Is this correct?

    Which one would you recommended.

    DSTWO or M3i Zero


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