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Thread: bricked 4.3u wii

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    bricked 4.3u wii

    hi,i bricked my black 4.3u wii into a banner brick will the rescue menu still work with a gc controller in this version?
    edit:if this happened to you try this, open up your gc controller and press all four d-pad buttons at the same time hold them while turning your wii (your system menu should come up) or if that doesnt work rapidly press them simaltaniously while starting up your wii then insert either a burnt copy of the wii backup disk or the real thing and tell me if it works with 4.3u(your wii) and whether your disc was burnt or not.thanks !!!any help greatly appreciated
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    updates dont fix banner bricks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad_Ad84 View Post
    updates dont fix banner bricks
    what about universal unbrick disk? i heard there is a option to delete the bad wad and one more thing you know the universal unbrick disk v4 does the dvdr have to be able to hold the exact amount of data that the iso file is? or just more than that?
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    Black wiis will NOT read burned disc!

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    bricked wii

    listen im gonna try something and if it doesnt work ill ask you for help just please tell me something useful instead of scolding me ok?


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