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Thread: USB GXLoader Doesn't see all games.

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    Ca USB GXLoader Doesn't see all games.

    Hi Everyone.
    I am new to this and have been playing around with my Wii 4.3 and i seem to have a road block. When i run USB LoaderGX 2.1, it doesn't see all the games on my HD. The HD is formated in NTFS and i have about 100 games in USB:\wbfs\game folder\game.wbfs but it only sees about 65 of them. I am not sure what i am doing wrong, or if there is something else that i am missing.


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    well, you can either delete the config file for GX and see if they show up, or verify that you have the missing games labeled correctly, as follows:

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    Does the folders that the game wbfs file is in have to be an exact name? If yes, how would i know what that name should be?
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