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Thread: #002 error, what does it mean?

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    #002 error, what does it mean?

    Hiya Guys,

    I've recently modded my wii (many thanks to this site for the instructions and advice), I've backed a few of my disks without any problems.

    The last two I've tried to back up comes up with a #002 error, I've used the same software to burn the disks and used the same dvd-r disks. I'm using a wasabi dx modded wii running on 4.3, the games are in region to the wii.

    If anybody could tell me what the error is or how to avoid it, I would be very thankful for any help.


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    answer:DVD Read Error / Anti-piracy security: Most likely old or missing cIOS.
    fix it by
    Installing a newer IOS 249(cIOS38rev17+).Update your Loader all new revisions of loaders have ability to enable 002 Fix.

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    Thanks for that, I'm not really sure what it all means though.

    Is there any way around it with out using a soft mod and does it work on the 4.3?

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    You may want to post/scan the hardmod section of the forum. The error code info that was quoted for you refers to softmods. I know there are some smart harmod folks on here....I am not one of those though.

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    I'm assuming it means you need to update your IOS but I'm no hardmod expert. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
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