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Thread: Recommended loader for loading ISOs and WiiWare from Seagate USB drive?

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    Recommended loader for loading ISOs and WiiWare from Seagate USB drive?

    Okay, I've softmodded my Wii using mauifrogs excellent tutorial (thanks mauifrog!). That went beautifully - Homebrew channel works, etc.

    Now I'd like to load disc-based games and Wiiware from a USB drive. The drive I have is a Seagate 1500 GB FreeAgent Desk. I've been trying some different USB loaders, following the tutorials here.

    I've gotten ISOs to load from the USB drive from both Configurable USB Loader and uLoader, and I've gotten Wiiware to load from an SD card through NAND emulation with uLoader. But I've failed to get anything to do the NAND emulation with the USB drive, so I can't load Wiiware from it. uLoader doesn't even see the FAT32 partition (even though HBC does). And Mighty Channels couldn't find any games, and neither did the ISO Forwarder thing.

    I've decided to just start over with installing everything. So, what tends to be the most reliable, least problematic loader for ISOs and NAND emulation from USB? (Or just something for the NAND emulation - I haven't had any trouble with the ISOs.) I don't care if the interface is pretty. I just need something that lets me select a game from a menu and launch it.

    Any recommendations?

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    uLoader is the only loader that does the emulated NAND thing. Otherwise look into Uneek or Mighty Channels.
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    Okay, thanks. Maybe I'll give uLoader another shot.


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