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Thread: wiikey now toast,easiest softmod to do?

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    wiikey now toast,easiest softmod to do?

    I have a wii that I bought with a original wiikey v1 in it that now will only read facory discs and not backups anymore. It is NTSC and I only use region games. It is on Update 4.3U. I figure the wiikey must be toast now since this behaviour is now exhibited.

    What would be the easiest softmod to perfrom to this system to get it running again?
    I have found a lot of them on the forums for various scenarios. I do no homebrew and channel hacking stuff. Is there a softmod that I can load that will let me still play my disc backups? I understand updates can cause softmod problems so I can take my wii offline if needed.

    Thanks for any advice


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    softmod any wii guide


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