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Thread: Original U Sing 2 Black Screen

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    Original U Sing 2 Black Screen

    Hope someone can help. Just bought U Sing 2 for my wife and daughter. They but the disc in, but when they try and play it they get a black screen. I then thought I would sort it installing to hard drive using usb loader gx, but still get the same problem. Need help plz

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    Black screen usually means missing or outdated ios

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    Noddy Guide on how to update would be good

    Updated USB Loader GX to 249 version 20. Would be good if some put a noddy guide on this forum on how to update USB Loader GX . It took me ages to find out how to. Still cannot play from original disc screen and hard drive stutters. I have to go to USB Loader GX choose disc and set iso to 250 for it to work.


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