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Thread: Uloader wont work

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    Uloader wont work

    Hello everyone I need ur friendly awesome help well u know I want to install uloader 5.1e but I got all those cios it needs with cios 223 v5 I put the uloader files on my apps folder and installed the forwarder channel but wen I try loading the channel it gives me some dsi errors and stack dumps but wen I load the app througth hbc it says not a valid wii application any help

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    Post a sys check

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    Did you download the official one from here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hades666
    it says not a valid wii application any help
    Strange, this has only happened to me when i try launching a boot.elf file

    Can you tell if the file in the uloader filder is .elf or dol?

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