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Thread: WiiXplorer gamecube homebrew resets/restarts wii

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    WiiXplorer gamecube homebrew resets/restarts wii

    hi Wiihacks scene , i have my Wii's softmodded with the superb Tutorials on this site launching Wii games from Neogamma is sweet.

    What i would like to do now is run some Gamecube homebrew in particular SD-Boot and Swiss.

    I have the Wii app WiiXplorer and when i try to run Swiss the Wii resets/restarts itself.

    I was wondering if anyone knows what i need to get it going ?

    Also i would like to backup my Wii's NAND with Bootmii before trying to install anything potentially dangerous.

    i hope to hear from someone who can help


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    I can address part of the problem. when in the home brew channel hit the home button on the wiimote. If bootmii is installed you can start it there. then uise the bottons on the front of the wii to navigate bootmii to make your nand backup.

    As for WiiXplorer I will let someone with experience on it come along to help with it.

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    thanks Slimer thats very helpful for backing up the NAND , hopefully someone else pops in for some more info later on.

    thanks again


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    Why are you using WiiXplorer? In order to use one of the GC game loaders you have to boot into GC mode first. SD-Boot is outdated so you'll want to use Swiss. Swiss has it's own booter written by WiiPower. Here is a guide on proper set up and usage of Swiss. I have to update it to the most recent Swiss though. You have a SD Gecko right? Both SD-Boot and Swiss need one and will not function off of the Wii's internal SD slot.
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    hiya Darkcide i have used your Tutorial and Swiss runs sweet , nice job on the Tutorial as well it is easy to understand

    thanks again for the link and the Tutorial



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