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Thread: Emulators tend to have issues after a few hours of play...

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    Emulators tend to have issues after a few hours of play...

    I've already checked to make sure the HDD wasn't going on stand-by etc...but it seems whenever I try and play for long periods of time on the NES/SNES/GEN it tends to freeze or cause issues after a bit.

    Whether it's certain games not loading when selected with the NES, or having that scattered block look, or loading games to find a black screen that won't change until I turn the power off the Wii by using the buttons on the front.

    What is the issue here? I have a soft-modded wii, and have channels for each of the emulators. Everything is up to date as well.

    Also in GenesisPLUS GX none of my games have an image on the cartridge. :\
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    I don't know what would cause your emulators to have problem like you describe but I can solve your GenPlus GX cart image problem. You have to take snapshots for your games and they appear. They don't just automatically make themselves.
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