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Thread: Need some help... titling a thread

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    Need some help... titling a thread

    Ive been searching this wonderful forum here for the past few hrs... as usual I tend to come across the answer to my question. Not so sure i did this time tho, found a couple posts that relate similar but not to clear as if there exactly the same issue. So here it is, I got a black screen issue when trying to starter usb loader or neogamma. Its been a while since ive messed with the system. Worked flawlessly before just aint had much time to mess with it so its been sitting. So all of a sudden the wii menu loads up i click on usb loader and goes and stays black screen and samething with neogamma? Its a softmodded 4.2 console. Hope someone can shed some light on this... thanks!

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    SD card in? Sd card still ok or has become corrupted? USB HDD still ok or have same issue? file system on the USB? files for NEOgamma the on an SD or on the USB?

    Just a couple questions and things to try.

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    Thanks for replying... Yes sd card is in, possible for it to be corrupted. Maybe I can try formatting it? Same with USB HDD? It's weird if one is corrupted just from sitting, but anything is possible


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