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Thread: Rock Band Country Track pack 2; freezes at startup

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    Rock Band Country Track pack 2; freezes at startup

    Hello, I have this game loaded and the game will freeze when the loading screen starts.
    I tried loading with 222,223,249 and 250.
    223 would allow the drummer to keep playing.
    all of the rest would lockup in a few seconds.
    I have installed the cIOSX_19rev, that didn't help.

    Please Help!!!

    Wii 4.2
    gx loader
    hermes v4

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    update to hermes v5.1 and then play that game. There is a tutorial on here for the settings for the new hermes. when done you should have 222, 223 and 224 and cant remember the other one but they will be up to date. had the same problem with my "black ops" and other games needing microphone support.


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