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Thread: Moving Saves to Memory Card

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    Moving Saves to Memory Card

    I was just wondering if there is any way to move all my saves from the wii memory to the SD card all at once... Memory is full and I know I can transfer each game one by one but can I do them all at once, and second question is can I set up the wii so it automatically setup up the profiles/saves straight to the memory card.



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    Not that i know of ATM.... i have used Savegame Manager for what i had to copy over!!!

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    I thought I would ask and I will look into this save game manager.



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    Also I don't see game saves taking up that much memory unless you have an ungodly amount of them. Is there a chance you have a bunch of channels installed? I would look and see what your biggest memory eaters are. Just a thought. Game saves normally aren't that big.


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