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Thread: Another RB2 DLC problem - 535a4145 vs 735a4145

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    Another RB2 DLC problem - 535a4145 vs 735a4145

    Hi there, i've searched through similar threads and still haven't found solution ):

    I've been following guide by terminal_illness, downloaded pctools, made nand backup, extracted console ID from keys.bin, put it into ng_id.txt. Then i did next things in PC tools sZAE_gen1 folder:
    NAND emulation menu, updated list files, downloaded 1st gen files, updated tmd file, run decrypter and moved files into NAND folder.

    After that i looked into my extracted nand folders and found that i have
    nand\title\00010005\535a4145 folder instead of nand\title\00010005\735a4145

    Yet WiiBackupManager says that RB2 region is NTSC, but uLoader points to 535a4145 in DLC options.

    When i copied files that PCTools generated into 535a4145 nand folder RB2 loaded fast and no DLC was available, when i copied them to 735a4145 RB2 loading takes awhile, but still no DLCs in quickplay.

    Could someone give me a hand here? Any ideas what i doing wrong maybe?

    PS: also, previously i used some DLC-unlocking wads, could they be a problem here?

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    WiiHacks does not support DLC hacking because it is piracy. There are some ancient threads on it from a long time ago in the graveyard but I thought they had all of the downloads removed.
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