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Thread: Disc reading issue

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    Disc reading issue

    Hello all,

    I have a softmodded wii running 4.1u firmware, and was wondering if somebody here could give me a hand.

    I purchased the Metroid Prime Trilogy recently (a real copy) but when I try to run it, the screen becomes black and white, and is not centred properly (it's shifted downward).

    I've tried various things, but nothing seems to work. Any tips?

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    That sounds like an out of region game. there is a guide for that game but I don't think it is what you need.

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    I have an NTSC (USA) Wii, and the game is from my region (the disc says for use in USA, Canada and Mexico) so I don't think it's a region issue.

    Could it be the fact that I'm running 4.1u instead of the most current version?

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    I dont know a fix for your problem but I do know its nothing to do with your sm because games aren't reliant on sm.

    Are you running the game through the Nintendo disc channel or through neo gamma?

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    try running it thugh neo gamma or USB loader GX disc option

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    I'll give those a spin and see how it works out. The main reason I'm wanting this fixed is I don't like having to load the different DOL's to play each game, and I'd like to be able to change the game difficulty.

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    The symptoms are all classic out of region ones you mention. Perhaps the disc is mislabeled?

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    By using neogamma's disc load, and forcing it to NTSC, it works properly!! Thanks for the tips, but the initial problem boggles my mind a bit. I know my wii is NTSC (I have Sakura Wars on disc and it works), and my Metroid disc is region one... very very odd.

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    Sorry to dig this up but I have an update:

    I purchased Monster Hunter 3 (disc copy) and know that it is US region NTSC. I have the same issues as when I tried to load using the disc channel for Metroid Prime Trilogy (black and white), but when I load it through neoGamma it works fine.

    I remember when I was originally softmodding my wii I think I might have used "regionfrii" (can't remember... as I get older the memory gets shorter) in an attempt to get my wii to play discs from any region. Could I have done something to make my wii think it's PAL and thereby not play NTSC discs?

    I checked using Any Region Changer but it says everything is USA there and my firmware is 4.1 U.

    Any ideas / tips would be appreciated. It's not the end of the world as I can play the games through neogamma but I'd like them to play properly with the disc channel if possible.

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