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    Question WiiFlow Channel Help

    I have recently started using WiiFlow, I can get it to work through Homebrew, and played a couple of games from there, but then tried to install a forwarder channel. First I tried Carbonik, but I had a problem, it said it cannot find any wbfs, (there is 2 there) while WiiFlow through HBC would see them, I have already tried all the forwarder channels (StarNight, etc..) but nothing worked. Is there any way I could get them to show up in the channel? and 2. Is there any native WiiFlow channel (not just a forwarder but something that would install the whole thing)?
    Many thanks in advance.

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    Don't know why you're getting that error, if it's launching from hbc.

    Here is a full channel- WiiflowR25 Channel

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    actually, that's exactly where I got them from.

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    You can use any forwarder channel an insert the .dol from your working install to create a channel using a program called crap. Only downside to using channels instead of forwarders is u have to uninstall the channel an create a new one everytime u want to install an update


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