A repost of my thread from Zeatnolt and Minegarde. Trying to build a bunch of testers for this project, and hopefully, a few helpers.

I've hit a snag. Good news, I've finished the custom quests and majority of retextures (Albeit, the first half of the textures were done by somebody else, and took a gander. Eugh. Gonna redo those later.).
Bad news, after importing the new quest file, trucha signing my ISO, launching, if I select the online mode (City), It leaves me with a black screen...Though, you don't need to do a hard shut down, you can just press the reset button.

SO! Somebody with riivolution and a disc of Monster Hunter Tri around? I'd test it myself using the disc, but a pal is having a great time with it. Here's the stuff riivolution'll be wantin' :

Files 'ere

If you get any errors, tell me what happened, (If you get to the quest selection, please elaborate on any quests that worked/appeared the same.)


I'm working on a project for the online mode of Monster Hunter Tri. What I am aiming to do, is make the online have :

-Harder monsters
-Longer quests
-Bigger monsters
-Better rewards

I aim to do this by modifying the quest01.bin of the game to make new quests, as frankly, the current ones just get old after a few weeks. So, I decided I will make a pack of new quests, textures and possibly modifying the way you interact with NPCs!

The tedious part, however, is that I am modifiying EVERY online quest, EVERY online monster, and quite possibly EVERY online NPC. So, I'll be needing testers and people who aren't afraid that in the unlikely (VERY unlikely) event that your Wii will somehow break, it's not my fault and it's your own responsibility for not installing BootMii as boot2.

Now, this will require you to mod your wii console (If you haven't already) with the Homebrew channel. You can only mod it (Without buying a specific game) if your system menu is 4.2 or below.

I wont go into the specifics of getting the channel, and needed applications. Google is your friend.

You'll need to set up Riivolution to look for a file (Which I will supply) on the SD card. It's VERY easy to do, and you only need to download an example to figure out how to do it in under 20 seconds. If you need help for that, you shouldn't be on a modding community.

To get this to work on the Online mode, you'll need EVERYONE that is in the city gate with you to have the modded files to be able to USE the modded files. If you even only have one person without them, you will only be using the original files.

So, now that I have told you what is involved, I will begin work on the editing of the files once I get confirmation that people here will be willing to test/try to break/exploit/what have you, the files so I can rid us of the bugs and exploits, so we will all have a much more fun, and fresh experience of the game's online mode.

Just post as you normally would if you have questions, want to sign up as a tester, or whatever.
Happy huntin'.

Testers (If yer name isn't on the list and you have posted in the thread, and waited 24 hours, Message me):

- Sorzad12