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Thread: Error - Restoring bug into IOS36 (4.2)

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    Post Error - Restoring bug into IOS36 (4.2)

    Hi - I have a Wii version 4.2e & followed the steps as outlined in (

    I have...
    1) Installed the Homebrew Channel as IOS (boot2 not available)
    2) Backed up NAND
    but when I try restore bug into IOS36 I get the following two errors;

    ERROR: ES_AddTitleStart (-2011)
    ERROR: ES_AddTicket (-2011)

    I have confirmed that the file IOS36-64-v3608.wad is on the SD card and have tried 2 diff SD cards to no avail.

    any help would be appreciated



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    use that guide to fix trucha bug then return to where you are in the softmod guide to finish your mod. questions should be asked in the guide thread.

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