Homebrew coder Kinow has updated his PsPixel, a homebrew app that allows you to create your own pixel art directly from your PSP.


New language : Espaņol (thanks M0D)
New script => only one script now, not 5
Monk, Hindi language uses our letters (a b c d ...) or specials one ( こ は ) ?
And for the function, you can use the third function in the menu, it's the same


Select your language, french or english
Change the color, with the selection of the RGB (red, green, blue)
Save a second color, so you can switch between these two colors quickly
Look at a "Color page", you have the most used colors with the RGB
Change a color with another in your pixel art, the color which will change is the "Second color" and the color which will be print is the "First color"
Save your file in picture/pspixel v2.0 in .png, the directory will be created, you can save as many files as you want. You can save it with pixels 1/1 or 4/4, if you select 1/1, you have to wait 10 second, because the pixture need time to get the good size (see screenshots for more details)
Select a file to load in picture/pspixel v2.0 (only if it's a .png or .jpg), preview the picture before load it
Change the size of your "pen", 8/8 or 4/4
Copy a color in the screen, it will be your new "Second color"

Source- QJ