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Thread: Hacking SMG?

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    Hacking SMG?

    Anybody interested in hacking Super Mario Galaxy 2?

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    OMG yes, Please tell us how lol

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    Probably not if it is what you posted the last time. A level editor like Reggie! would be cool but your game conversion using copyrighted licensed Nintendo property no.
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    Well...look up Super Mario Galaxy 2.5. We currently use a program called Anarchy in the Galaxy.

    It has limitations though. 3-d interface. But you can use 3dsmax or blender for a 3-d visual , then import it into Anarchy.

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    Do not hack SMG1. It doesn't work. Nintendo was very sloppy with this game and everything is a huge mess. It's very difficult to make things work.

    SMG2 is easier and more organized.

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