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Thread: Smash Brawl SSE freeze

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    Smash Brawl SSE freeze

    I have scrubbed my SSBB NTSC iso twice, and after playing it by USB(CFG)-Loading, it always freeze in the Subspace Emissary cutscene that appears after fighting Kirby. I´ve tried finding a solution in Wiihacks and even read the "problematic games" guide, but lots of people report having the same issue and it looks like theres not solution at all. So, should I give up trying to play it from my USB and just use my SSBB original copy? Just in case, my Wii is 4.3U softmodded with Maui´s guide. I have tried IOS 248/249/222/223 + 002 error fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Username? View Post
    I have scrubbed my SSBB NTSC iso twice, and after playing it by USB(CFG)-Loading, it always freeze in the Subspace Emissary cutscene that appears after fighting Kirby. I´ve tried finding a solution in Wiihacks and even read the "problematic games" guide, but lots of people report having the same issue and it looks like theres not solution at all. So, should I give up trying to play it from my USB and just use my SSBB original copy? Just in case, my Wii is 4.3U softmodded with Maui´s guide. I have tried IOS 248/249/222/223 + 002 error fix.
    I had the same problem before but then i just made a exact copy of the original game and it works fine now.

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    i was playing mine today and it froze on the kirby bit but i restarted and when i get to that bit just press the + to skip the scene and its been ok for me.. mine was riped from the original disc aswell
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    I just used my sister portable hard drive (FreeAgent) 160GB) and it worked without issues. Weird because with mine ( iOmega Prestige 1TB) I can play all the games I tried, except for Brawl, that always freezes in that part. I also turned off sleep mode in the FreeAgent, but never had in the iOmega thinking it was off by default. Does anyone know a way of turning off auto sleep in an iOmega drive? (the FreeAgent HDD has a tools appplication, but the iOmega doesnt).

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    Fixed my issue. Fot those interested:
    I forgot to mention my sis's HDD was NFTS formatted, and after doing the same thing to my HDD (The iOmega 1TB Prestige one), the game works flawlessly. All the games excepting SSBB worked in FAT32, in NFTS all work including Brawl. Idk why that could be, maybe the iOmega drive is optimized for NFTS or it has problem handling the 4GB (FAT32 max size) split files of Brawl after using Wii Backup Manager. So yeah, if someone still has trouble with this game's Subspace Emissary DVD9 and stuff and has tried all the available options, you could give a try to formatting your HDD to NTFS. After all the only Cons is not being able to put homebrew in your HDD and homebrew's size is so small they fit perfectly in SD cards...

    You may close this thread.

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    I have the Iomega 1.5 desktop HDD and it works flawlessly with a full FAT32 format.. ALL my games run perfect on it. SSBB worked fine on the first go around.. maybe you should post a system check to see what you have under the hood.
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    I have an unusual problem with the copy. I had two version (~7.3GB and ~5GB) got from friends . I could play them fine with GX 2.0 but could not play with GX 2.1 or CFG. Both dumps gave errors when I try to verify them with wit verify. Then I bought a retail disk, rip it using CFG, I can play fine. Now, the problem is wit verify gives errors with that dump too, even though I could play the backup with both CFG and GX. If you have a working backup, try wit verify and see what it says.


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