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Thread: wii softmod 4.0U running great...except for netflix...

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    Thumbs up wii softmod 4.0U running great...except for netflix...

    I've been running 4.0U since I got my system and I've done all the appropriate patches and mods, so all my games are running great with USB loader...but now I really would like to get netflix running again. It used to work, but I guess in some upgrade they only allow it to run on a newer firmware version. My question is: can I get a hacked version of netflix to run on 4.0 or do I need to go to a different firmware.

    If i go to a new firmware, which one and what's the best guide?

    thanks in advance for the help!

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    Hey I just solved this issue yesterday, after numorous attempts I had to update the IOS's and the shop channel and just download the netflix channel from the Wii Shop.

    I Mauifrog's guide, chapter 2 the ios update and the shop channel update are what you need

    if you need any more help let me know

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    If you want to up date the shopping channel then ios 56 is the only ios you need to update and of course install the shopping channel v20 wad....
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