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Thread: is it ok to remove modchip

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    is it ok to remove modchip

    is it ok if I remove my modchip from my wii because i just softmodded my wii and i don't need my wiikey fusion anymore please tell because i don't want to brick my wii
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    Why would you want to? Is it causing you problems? I'm no expert on bricks but I believe it may help you in the event.
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    No need to remove it. hard and softmods work very well together.

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    My hardmodd is causeing my new super Mario bros wii and my star fox games to stop working and I know I can use USB loader but I need the disc so I can use rivvilution for new super Mario bros wii

    I am using riivolution so I can play Another super Mario bros wii

    I know that it is recommend that I leave it but would it cause problems

    (sorry darkside I pm I was using my iPhone and I am new sorry)
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