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Thread: Neogamma problems

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    Neogamma problems

    Hello everybody!

    I have bought today 2 wii games, New Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong Country Returns. The thing is, I put the Mario disc and loaded it with Neogamma.

    It worked!

    I had a great time playing it with my brother, and after I turned the console off I though about playing Donkey Kong. So, I loaded it with Neogamma and a message showed up: "No DVD (n)". "Well", I though, "the disc may be scratched, I'll complain with the owner of the store I bought the DVD".

    Later, at night, I wanted to play more New Super Mario Bros, so I loaded again the Neogamma. Surprisingly, the same message showed up for New Super Mario Bros: "No DVD (n)".

    Well, I'm clueless about what's going on, and wanted to have an opinion from you guys and girls. My wii is softmodded with the guide "Guide: Softmod ANY Wii", and I do not know what is the problem.

    The games also don't load on the Disc Channel.

    Thanks all of you.
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    If you have prilloader installed and have your disc and online updates blocked, just play them through the disc channel.

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    I can't, because the game doesn't show on the disc channel. It only appears an interrogation mark.

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    Yup, that's right. What can I do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by romichego View Post
    Yup, that's right. What can I do?
    You need to go back to the shop and tell them they are pirates! Your other option would be to use the original disc and play through the disc channel.

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    I think you're right. The problem is the video game prices in Brazil are absurd, i don't have any other finnancial choice. But I'll do that. Maybe they can burn another DVD with the games correctly burned.

    Thanks anyway.

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    Rules are rules. Thread closed.

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