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Thread: Options for connecting Wii to LCD monitor

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    Options for connecting Wii to LCD monitor

    I have an LCD monitor with female VGA and female DVI-D inputs. The monitor's native resolution is 1680x1050.

    A little research found some options for connecting the Wii to a monitor:
    1. Wii VGA cable: These seem to be dodgy. But also the cheapest solution. Different manufacturers, but they seem to run $20-$30.

    2. Wii2HDMI: I'd need to then convert HDMI to DVI-D. $40

    3. USB Powered Component Video to LCD VGA Converter Compatible with PSP Slim 2000/Wii/PS3 (1600*1200): I'm guessing this won't work with a 1680x1050 monitor. But please correct me if I'm wrong. $31

    4.High Resolution Component Input VGA Box for Wii, Ps3, Xbox 360, PSP 2000, and More: Like #3, this won't work with a 1680x1050 monitor. $30

    5. Multi-Input VGA Box for DVD, PS2, PlayStation, Gamecube, XBOX, Dreamcast, Digital Camera / Camcorder and More: Limited resolution options, may look awful on a widescreen monitor. $40

    6. Kworld PC to TV /External TVBox Blazing Orange 1920ex Gamer's Edition SA230WP VGA Interface5: Should do the trick, but very mixed reviews. $50

    7. HD Box Pro: Don't know much about it, but supports 1680x1050. $55

    Any suggestions? How are other people making the connection from Wii to LCD monitor?

    A minor issue would be that I connect my laptop (via VGA) to this same monitor. So if I'm using a Wii-monitor solution that uses VGA, I'll want a VGA switch unless the Wii-monitor solution has a built in switch.

    The last issue is sound. I'm using Logitech computer speakers (2 speakers, 1 sub) that accept one audio input (though I think it outputs stereo). How would I connect this without losing stereo, as I assume the Wii outputs audio in stereo?

    Thanks for any advice!
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    i use HD-Pro,
    it consists RCA stereo audio output for ur Logitech set

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyhome View Post
    i use HD-Pro,
    it consists RCA stereo audio output for ur Logitech set
    How do Wii games look on your monitor?

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    u can't expect toomuch fm wiiiiiiiii

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    I see that you're trying to match an LCD to a Wii.. and not the other way around. Your best bet is to look up the specs on the LCD Monitor and besides native, what other resolutions it can do. The Wii can only output EDTV (480p) at maximum.. so any monitor with a higher resolution is just a waste.

    So instead of trying to find hardware to match the monitor's resolution.. try to see if there IS a resolution your monitor does.. that the hardware can handle.

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    I know this is an old thread.. but had no info if it was solved or not.

    HDMIKey is getting ready to be released! Really cool stuff!


    So if that LCD Panel had a DVI input.. it would be perfect! I know I'm getting one for our 1080p HDTV!
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    I already ordered the HD Box Pro. Besides, this HDMI key costs nearly as much as the HD Box Pro, and the latter is a proven solution. Let's see what the reviews of the HDMI Key look like.

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    yup~, HD Box performance is proven !

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    Just to close the loop on this in case anyone finds this thread and is in a similar position.

    I got the HD Box Pro. It works fine. You'll just need a Wii component cable (can get an expensive one from Nintendo or a $5 one from Amazon that is probably just as good). You'll also want a second VGA cable so you can connect both your computer and Wii to the monitor through the HD Box. It also has an second audio input (in addition to the jacks you'll use for the Wii), so you can pass your computer's audio through the box as well.

    Set your Wii to 480p and widescreen mode, assuming you're using it with a widescreen monitor. Set the HD Box to your monitor's native resolution. You can center the output on the screen using the Wii's settings menu.

    It's a decent picture, but keep in mind the Wii is limited to 480p, so don't expect eye-popping graphics.
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    You can get 1080P from ViewHD's new Wii2HDMI now on Amazon

    This just show up on Amazon, the wait is over. ViewHD Wii to HDMI HD 720P / 1080P Output Upscaling Converter: Electronics

    Much improved graphic performance, validated on my 56in Samsung Plasma!
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