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Thread: Modded Wii 4.2u Black Screen/No Audio

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    Modded Wii 4.2u Black Screen/No Audio

    Hi I do apologize in advance if I am in the wrong area I used to search feature to browse the website for general help but I did not run into anything that fit my general criteria.

    I was in the middle of modding my Wii when I was uninstalling some WAD files from my Wii when my system crashed on me. So I restarted my console to end up with a black screen and no audio, my Wii remote doesn't even connect but my console starts up with nothing but the facts that I stated earlier. Does anybody know what the issue or problem is here?

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    Firstly u should post an introduction. Secondly does the wii remote turn on the wii console? If not its possibly the bluetooth module

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    This should be moved to the bricked section. It almost sounds as though you might have unistalled a low number Wad. Never uninstall anything below 200 I repeat "Never". Did you have Priiloader installed? or were you not at that stage yet?

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    Yeah the Wii Remote turns the Wii console on but doesn't connect after the initial startup.

    And no I haven't made it that far to the "priiloader"


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