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Thread: Trying to get netflix to work on modded wii

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    Question Trying to get netflix to work on modded wii

    Ok, Ive looked and searched a little bit for my answer and haven't found anything specifically for my situation on my firmware. I am on 4.3u softmodded using smashstack and I THINK bannerbomb?. Ive had it for quite a while like this and now they want you to download the netflix channel through the wii shop channel, and wii shop channel wants to update the wii. Now I looked through the stickied thread on updating to v20 on 4.2 or something and says do not update to 4.3 . Is v20 the newest wii shop channel version? and if so, can my 4.3u be updated with that same method?
    Thank you in advanced for your replies and sorry for being a noob >..>

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    So v20 is the very latest for wii shop channel and that guide WILL work on a 4.3u?

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    System menu doesn't really matter that much when apps are concerned. Yes. rev20 is the latest shop channel. That guide will set you up.

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    Well I gave it a shot in the dark and threw caution to the wind and did it anyway and it worked, thank you

    thank you to both of you :-D
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