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Thread: Softmodded wii with extra's

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    Softmodded wii with extra's

    For sale:
    A softmodded wii on menu 4.3e with bootmii as boot 2,the latest homebrew channel, it has cios 249 [57] for black ops and such, cios 223[37+38], priiloader, darkwii red theme with custom loading screen (all works fine dont worry), all homebrew works and would come with a 8gb sdhc with mutiple nand backups from different dates, all the homebrew for channels and such. included with the wii is : one mote and nunchuck, a classic controller pro, 8gb sdhc card, nand backups, motionplus, 8mb gc mem card, gc controller, fan base theing (to help keep cool, not that it ever gets that hot anyway), all cables and leads including a goldplated RGB scart cable (Much better quality). monster hunter tri and guitar hero 3 (without guitar) aswell as super mario sunshine and a wii lightgun.
    the serial number is : LEH13766130 (the 0 at the end is in a weird square thing)
    Aslo willing to include a pre set up 2gb usb stick with a nand backup thats used by sneek and has been converted to 4.3u (although it has priiloader hacks applied to make to sneek nand region free) sneek runs from the 2gb stick when a custom bootmii folder (included) is on the sd card on bootup

    Straight swap for xbox 360 would also be fine
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