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Thread: Can't edit names in Wii Back-Up Manager 0.3.8 build 61

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    Can't edit names in Wii Back-Up Manager 0.3.8 build 61

    When I double left click on a game it says "Enable custom titles to edit entries" but I can't find the option to enable to do it. Can anyone help me please?

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    Wow...thanks for making me figure this out! You have to go into the titles.txt file that is in the wii backup manager folder and rename the games there. Once you do that you can select the tool-game titles-rename selected/all. After you have it rename them you will have to reload the drive for the new titles to appear.

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    It took me some time to figure this out. There is a set of menus in the tab with the drives, but there is a second set in the upper left corner of the window, under the window title. Click "Options" then "Settings..." in the upper left menu. Click on the "Titles" tab. My preference is to check every box on that tab ("Use WiiTDB titles.txt", "Use custom-titles.txt", "Use WiiTDB titles for file and folder names", "Auto rename drive transfers", "Auto rename WBFS file transfers", "Allow permanent changes to wii disc header", and "Allow changes to WBFS disc header")

    Those last two about allowing changes, if you don't check them you won't be able to make changes to any the titles of any of your discs, FYI. Thought I didn't need 'em, found out the hard way I did.

    I like WiiTDB, so I clicked the "Download titles.txt" button also. Once I clicked OK here, I clicked Tools (in the drive tab, not the upper menu) then "Game Titles" then "Rename All" and all the titles changed to the nice ones at WiiTDB.

    You can also highlight an individual game and press "F2" on the keyboard to custom edit a single title.

    Oh, and the part about editing "titles.txt" doesn't seem necessary to me (although it may work... I didn't try it or see a reason to), but reloading the drive is important. After the rename is complete, change the drive to "Inactive" in the Drive tab you are in, then change it back to the drive letter. Your drive will reload with the new names.
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    thanks for this was wondering how to do this thanks again.


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