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The purpose of this guide is to offer an alternative to using Hard Drives with Multiple partitions. When formatting your USB HDD to FAT32 it can be used for Wii Backups, NAND Emulation, and Homebrew Apps. Eliminating the need for an SD card or multiple partitions. Although it can be done, it is not recommended to format a drive Larger then 1TB to FAT32. 2TB is the Maximum.

This is a simple guide with Setup Instructions for a Full FAT32 Formatted Hard Drive. Includes formatting, Ripping/transferring backups, setting up a USB Loader, and Extras.

FAT32 Advantages

  • No Wasted WBFS Space as the partition can be shared for other purposes
  • Can be used for Wii Backups, Nand Emulation, HBC Apps
  • No need for Multiple Partitions
  • Files can be copied using regular file managers
  • Better choice of file system recovery/de-fragmentation tools
  • If the disc is already in use, no need to re-partition in most cases

**FAT32 USB Loading will only work with Hermes
cIOS222/223 or with cIOSx Rev 19 +**

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