Some companies know how to help prolong the longevity of a game console, and Bigben Interactive happens to be one of those companies. While the workout video game trend is waning a bit, a new workout bike called the Cyberbike is coming to the Nintendo Wii this summer, with an interactive game called Cyberbike Cycling Sports, which will be bundled in with the bike.

] Cyberbike Cycling Sports features 18 different levels with a variety of interactive environments that sees players burning calories as they travel through multiple environments using a bike, submarine and a helicopter, cleaning up pollution along the way. I imagine the “liberal” themes will keep most Republicans steering clear from the title, but it’s not a bad way to lose a few pounds while having fun.

The game also sports unlockable accessories, goodies and three playable modes including Story, Fitness and multiplayer.

The Cyberbike also works with other Nintendo Wii titles, including Mario Kart. You can learn more about the Cyberbike cycle and the game by visiting the Official Website.